Bally BAZAAR 1966 - 1 Player


The Game Play

This was the first machine to ever feature zipper flippers.
The aim of the game is to hit the letter targets to light the L U C K lanterns which then advances and lights up the moon crescents on the backglass to score replays. Not that easy as it sounds, if you hit the wrong letter out of sequence they will reset, drain the ball and they will reset.
To close the zipper flippers - Hit the Red (U) mushroom bumper. Hitting either of the 2 Yellow (L) mushroom will open the flippers as well when the ball drains.
Has a skill shot when launching the ball - Hit the top rebound sling LH top to light the top rollover stars in the top lanes ( L lights the L Lantern, U lights the U Lantern as well as 50 points, Centre Lane opens the Ball Return Gate as well as 200 points, C lights the C lantern as well as 100 points and K lights the K Lantern. Hitting the K mushroom bumper on the playfield opens the Ball Return Gate when lit. Also the left outlane has a kickback feature when lit.



With its excellent layout ( having less playfield space + 50v coils on the bumpers and slings ), the ball flies around from kicker to bumper.


Judge for yourself.