Slideshows - Bally CARNIVAL QUEEN (Bingo Machine)



Well finally got my hands on a bingo machine. Being a 1950's machine, my aim was to keep it as original as possible. Will be mainly cleaning up the playfield and cabinet and getting it running. These machines are huge so had to be transported in 2 vehicles. Here are some picts of the giant and heavy headbox of the Carnival Queen Bingo. As I was on my own, I managed to get it out of the car without dropping it.


The playfield was cleaned up and waxed. All rubbers replaced. Bulb Sockets Repaired. New apron cards were made.

Cabinet and Backbox

Removed all the metal side rails (The original wood rails are underneath) As well as the metal armour on the rest of the cabinet.
New Apron cards were made.


The Engine Room - Quite Complex.
Only a few minor switch cleaning and adjusting was carried out.


As you can see in the slideshow, quite happy with the final result compared to how it looked before.