Williams MISS O 1969 - 1 Player


The Game Play

This is a replay game that also has an extra ball feature which cannot be disabled, awarding one extra ball per ball in play, if earned.
To qualify for extra ball, making A-B-C-D targets light the correspondingly lettered bumpers at top of playfield. Lighting all four A-B-C-D bumpers light the two horseshoe inserts, qualifying the horseshoe lane rollover button (which does not light) to award the extra ball.
The schematic indicates that flashing bulbs are to be used for the horseshoe inserts. A ball rolling over the horseshoe lane button at this point will turn off the flashing horseshoe inserts and quietly award the extra ball, with no knocker sound. There are no inserts or text on the playfield or backglass to indicate the extra ball has been awarded, thus this event may go unnoticed by an uninformed player. Once the current ball in play reaches the outhole, the ball counter does not increment, the ball is served again to the shooter lane, and the A-B-C-D bumpers turn off to allow a new extra ball to be earned.
Making 15 balls lights left and right bottom rollovers for SPECIAL. Ball through rollover when lit for SPECIAL scores 1 REPLAY.



Quite an enjoyable game to play.
Having the small 2" flippers and the bumper between the flippers, you would expect it to be a drain monster, not the case.

Expect decent ball times and found it not too difficult to get the ball back up to the top of the playfield.
The bells are very loud and a little annoying after a while.


Judge for yourself.