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Bally BAZAAR - 1966



TYPE : Electro-mechanical (EM)

RATING : 8.0 / 10

PRODUCTION : 792 Units

THEME : World Places

NOTABLE FEATURES : Zipper Flippers (2), Pop Bumpers (3), Mushroom Bumpers (6)

DESIGN BY : Ted Zale

ART BY : George Moletin

Internet Pinball Machine Database

Bazaar was the first machine to use Zipper Flippers, invented by Ted Zale. Also made in an Add-a-Ball version for export to Italy.


Bally CARNIVAL QUEEN - 1958 ( Bingo Machine )



TYPE : Electro-mechanical (Bingo)

RATING : 7.3 / 10

PRODUCTION : Unknown Units

THEME : Carnival - Happiness

NOTABLE FEATURES : Trap Holes (25), Magic Screen, Red and Yellow Super Sections

DESIGN BY : Don Hooker

Internet Pinball Machine Database

Carnival Queen was the first Magic screen game.


Gemmy ZULTAN Animated Speaking Fortune Teller


The mystical Zultan - Animated Speaking Fortune Teller!

Zultan the fortune teller is creepy as all hell. Simply approach the display box where Zultan's head is hiding behind closed curtains and he will automatically detect your presence using sound and motion sensors. The curtains fly open and Zultan's fully-animatronic evil floating wrinkled head emerges and his spooky LED eyes begin to glow and look around. His mouth moves to every word as he greets you and then converses with his skull in the crystal ball (which also talks back to him) to reveal your fortune. Even better, set Zoltan to manual mode and literally become him while using the included wireless microphone. Whatever you say, he speaks...

"Zultan speaks !"